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Electoral Literacy Club


The Electoral Literacy Club established on 19th March 2024 at the University College of Engineering, Ariyalur, operates with a multifaceted approach, aiming to achieve various objectives and functions to enhance civic awareness and democratic engagement among its student body. Our foremost objective is to educate students about their electoral rights and responsibilities, fostering a sense of civic duty and active participation in the democratic process. We aim to equip students with comprehensive knowledge about electoral laws, procedures, and the functioning of electoral institutions, empowering them to make informed decisions during elections. Furthermore, the club serves as a platform for promoting voter awareness, organizing voter registration among students and encourage voter turnout. In addition to promoting voter education, the club also strives to enhance civic engagement by fostering critical thinking and analytical skills among students. Through collaborative initiatives with local authorities and electoral bodies, we advocate for electoral reforms aimed at enhancing transparency, integrity, and inclusivity in the electoral process, thereby contributing to the strengthening of democratic principles and practices. Moreover, the club functions as a forum for promoting ethical conduct in electoral practices, emphasizing the importance of integrity, fairness, and ethical behavior among students participating in electoral activities. By fostering a culture of responsible citizenship and democratic participation, The Electoral Literacy Club at the University College of Engineering, Ariyalur, endeavors to empower students to become informed, engaged, and active participants in the democratic governance of our society.

Events conducted
S.No. Event Date
1 Electoral literacy club inauguration and voters awareness program conducted among 450 students. 19-03-2024
2 Establishment of selfie - Point. 19-03-2024
3 Awareness program and pledge conducted among 250 students. 16-04-2024

V.Priyadharshini , Co-ordinators


P.Vijayabaskar , Co-ordinator.,

Student ambassadors
Manivel :
Department of CSE
Thavapudalvan :
Department of Mechanical Engineering